Teaching in the Pandemic- Part 1

Yesterday was fun. I brought a nice lunch from home but because it takes me 15-20 minutes to set up for my “hybrid” class in which people can come face to face or attend by Zoom videochat, I didn’t have a lot of time to eat.

Then, I hurried off to my classroom and was nearly there when I realized my mask was still on my desk in my office next to my half eaten cup of soup. There went my planned head start I needed to get my tech set up! When I finally made it to the classroom with appropriate PPE in place, I was winded, a little dizzy, and couldn’t see anything because my glasses had fogged over.

I have ten minutes to scarf down this soup before class begins” width= Running late! Shortcut time!” width= Oh shit! I forgot my freakin’ mask!” width= Pant! Pant! Hey gang, give me a sec’ while I catch my breath and clear these foggy glasses.” width=

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