Fall 2020 Diversity Film Series – With Dr. Onalee McGraw

The K-State Polytechnic Campus SGA (Student Government Assn.) and the COT 105 Mastering Academic Conversations class proudly present the Fall 2020 Diversity Film Series. Three excellent classic films have been chosen that are still relevant to our turbulent times.

For three consecutive weeks in late October and early November, we will be viewing and discussing a different film with classic film expert and author Dr. Onalee McGraw. Dr. McGraw has been leading discussions related to diversity with young people for many years. She was personally involved in the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

We have several viewing options available to participants, including an online watch party on Monday evenings at 7 pm, a digital download (for students), or watching the films online through a paid streaming service.

For more information about these films and to register for the discussion sessions, please follow the links below.

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