Sailors of Desert Storm

This is a work in progress. I am publishing this as I go so anyone interested can follow this work as it progresses, and even provide feedback to me if desired. (@billgx or Please be aware that much of this is unedited, and possibly rife with errors and things I didn’t even say, because for much of it I am using speech-to-text voice recognition technology. Right now I am trying to simply get as many ideas as I can written down as quickly as possible.

Table of Contents

My students and I are working on a 30 day challenge together this month of February 2019. Each one of us is working on a project in which we will develop a new skill or polish up an old one. Some students are learning to play a musical instrument, others are learning a new art or design skill. It has been interesting to see what everyone decided to do.

I am working on writing this book about life in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. I am focusing on the lived experiences of the naval personnel who served in the gulf. I am utilizing sources I find of my fellow sailors published on various social media such as Facebook and YouTube. I have many hours of video camera footage of my own that I recorded in the gulf. I will be looking for others who also made videos during the Desert Storm conflict. I will also be looking in a Facebook forum that is exclusively for sailors who served in the area during the 1991 war.

These pages will hold my writing drafts. I’m not going to worry a lot right now about correcting and editing it. I’m using voice recognition software to write much of it so there likely will be plenty of errors. For now, my main purpose will be to simply record ideas as they come and to write as much as I am able during the 30-day challenge.