Last of Its Kind

The Navy has evolved over the last 30 years. I wonder how many of the jobs that we did as desert storm sailors no longer apply? For example I know the signalman rate has been discontinued. The ships that I serve Don had rangefinders telescopes at Cetera. There was a school at the time for instrument man and optical man. I am Magine those are gone now.

The postal clerk was a big huge deal for us. The logistics of getting the mail to all of the ships in the golf region was a huge job. Mail call required sorting and handing out thousands and thousands of letters and parcels. I am Magine electron a communication has changed a lot of that for the modern Navy

I have heard that sailors do their own laundry aboard ship now. Is that true? That was the service provided to us when we were deployed

The any sailor letters were really interesting. Some of us wrote many many replies to the thousands of letters that poured in to the golf from civilians wanting to support support US servicemembers.

I am guessing I wrote at least 250 different people during that time. I remember dear Abby helped to get the any sailor or any soldier movement started, then she received lots of complaints from people who were dropped in correspondence after the war was over. For me personally, I was just writing too many letters that wouldn’t be sustainable after our deployment. There is a lot of free time to write letters when you are deployed. But after deployment life resumes in that free time gets used up by other things.

It is interesting though they reports that I have heard from some sailors who met their future wife through this anonymous correspondence.

When I return home to Kansas, I did make a point to go visit one of the families that wrote to me from my home state. I did not find a future spouse though.maybe I wasn’t clever enough to figure that one out.