Monet Computer Learning Center

I was involved in helping to establish a computer lab that the crew could come and use to learn about computers. We had Macintosh Classics and a laser printer. At the time there was no Internet access but we did have a shipboard local area network. We were able to send electronic mail messages from office to office. We had a personnel records database. We sent a lot of digital documents around including the plan of the day.

Of course playing games was a big part of our computer use. But we had graphics programs that we could learn to use to make drawings. I’m not sure where the applications came from but there were quite a few floating around. I don’t remember being overly concerned about viruses, I’m not sure I even knew what a virus was in a computer at that time.

We had a team of 45 enlisted man who would go around and provide IT support. We didn’t collect that though we called it Monet.