Hello, I’m Bill Genereux and I am a Professor of Computer & Digital Media Technology at Kansas State University. I have been working with computer technology for over three decades. During that time, I have seen many amazing advances. Beginning with learning computer programming in high school, my professional career with computing has been one of non-stop learning. I learned the basics of computing in the US Navy where I worked on the systems that aimed the big guns of a warship. I am a veteran of the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

Over the years I have also worked as a graphic designer, software developer, systems administrator, and computer/network support person. In my spare time, I earned a Ph.D. in education technology – curriculum and instruction. After doing that, I never want to forget what it is like to be a student. Sometimes that can be a frustrating experience. Other times, it can be very rewarding when you see evidence that your hard work is paying off. I am honored and privileged to call myself a K-State professor. There’s nothing I enjoy more than helping students to learn.

Please feel free to contact me.
Email: billgx@ksu.edu
Twitter: billgx
Facebook: billgx
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/billgx/

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