Graphic Syllabi


Fall 2020 COT 105 Syllabus.

Download and view the Fall 2020 syllabus pdf.

Spring Syllabus Addendum.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and school cancellations, I had to make a syllabus addendum. Here is a screenshot of that addendum.


For a while, I have been intrigued by the possibility of the graphic syllabus. I was particularly inspired by the work of Lynda Barry and her hand-drawn syllabus book. I finally took the time over the holidays and made my own hand-drawn syllabus for the Spring 2020 semester. Here are some clickable images or you can download a PDF file of this one.

Here is a graphic syllabus I made on the computer for my Visual Literacy class. It only made sense that I would employ some of the concepts of visual communication in the syllabus for that course. Here is a copy of what that one looks like in infographic format:

Visual Literacy Graphic Syllabus

click to view Vis Lit Syllabus – Fall 2016

And below is another one I did for my Fall 2017 edition of an online course I taught in Digital Literacy. The theme for that online course was “Superheroes” so I had a lot of fun developing a syllabus in comic book format:

click to view Digital Literacy Syllabus – Fall 2017