Monthly Archives: January 2015

Social Media Technology

Next week, a new semester begins and with it a new class I’m going to teach called Social Media Technology. I’m looking forward to this class because it is a topic I have been closely following for several years now.

Because social media technologies are so embedded in our digital lives now, there is a constant stream of relevant topics for discussion available. For example, this morning I saw this post by physics professor Dr. Chad Davies about his new podcast The Scientific Odyssey.

Scientific Odyssey Podcast

One of the many benefits of “putting yourself out there” is having the opportunity to interact with people you respect and admire. It takes guts, but it is so worth doing.
How have you been surprised by your participation online? Have you ever had one of these unexpected encounters because of your online activities? Have you interacted with celebrities, scientists, rock-stars, or other noteworthy individuals in ways impossible before the invention of social media? Please tell me about it in the comments.