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East of Eden

I purchased the John Steinbeck novel East of Eden after I read Grapes of Wrath this summer. It sat around untouched for many months. Last month I went on a 18+ hour road trip to Wisconsin and decided to take along some audio books. One was enough, as I picked up the East of Eden audio book. It had 22 CD disks and I just finished it this week.

I’m not enamoured with audio books but they serve a purpose. I probably should listen to more of them because I commute over 2 hours every day round trip. I’m more of a podcast guy right now. But in addition to the 18 hour road trip, it took a week of listenting on my daily commute to get through East of Eden.

One reason I prefer actually reading a book instead of listening to it is I find myself fading in and out of paying attention while it is playing. If I do that while I’m reading, I wind up reading the same passage over and over, but an audio book plays on if I listen or not. Consequentially, there are some fairly large holes in my understanding of the novel. But at least I have the majority of it now.

The mother in East of Eden reminded me very much of the true-to-life villain Kate Bender, of the Bloody Benders fame. A killer for fun and profit. In Kate Bender’s case, no one knows what happened to her in the end. The Bender’s just up and disappeared when they thought the law was closing in on them.

I enjoyed East of Eden, but I think I liked The Grapes of Wrath quite a bit more. The first Steinbeck book I ever read wasn’t a novel at all, but the travelogue Travels with Charley in which he documents a road trip across America. It’s been so long ago, I don’t remember much about it, so I might read it again at some point.

Farmer Derek

I really want to meet this guy. He’s really creative with his digital storytelling. What a fantastic way to show off life in our state!

In this video, he calls in the cattle with his trombone.

Incredible! He’s letting kids feed his cows from their computers all around the world!

And so far my personal favorite – the Bethel Choir singing in an empty grain bin.

Writing the Unthinkable Part 1 – Some Initial Drawings

For two months, I have been dreaming about attending Writing the Unthinkable with Lynda Barry. I wanted to attend the October edition, but I couldn’t make it work, so as soon as the November one was scheduled and announced, I signed up right away.

Well, November 23rd finally arrived last Saturday so I drove out to Wisconsin with my dog Daisy, and I attended that workshop. Below are the first drawings I made:

This is me in a spacesuit taking Daisy along too.

This is me turning into an elephant.

This is me turning into an onion.

And this is me walking Daisy in a Batman suit.

Stay tuned. There are more stories and drawings coming soon!

The South Room

This is just an experiment using After Effects to animate a childhood memory. Sleeping on a cot in the south room of my grandmother’s house, watching the Twilight Zone on a Saturday night while my grandparents & parents played cards. It was a special time because I was the oldest, I got my own room and got to stay up late watching television.

Ink Wash on Self Portrait Index Cards

Recently, I’ve been collecting self-portraits made on index cards. I’ve traveled to several different high school career fairs over the last few weeks, and borrowing this idea from Lynda Barry, I have begun asking the high school students to draw portraits of themselves for me on index cards.

I ordered myself an ink grinding stone and an Asian/Chinese calligraphy brush as described in Lynda Barry’s One! Hundred! Demons! book.

Although I ordered them separately and several weeks apart, my stone, brush & ink arrived on the exact same day that Lynda’s new book Making Comics arrived in the mail.

I was eager to get busy with my new brush and ink. Lynda suggested to just experiment with using it, so that’s what I did.

After getting the feel of grinding the ink and laying it down on paper for a while, it wasn’t long before I was experimenting with putting washes on some drawings made for me by students on index cards. Here are some examples that I just love:

Stryker Hake

Abigail Hodges

derek d

Destiny Black

I feel like I am still getting the hang of using the Chinese brush & ink, but I love using it and how much it adds to these already fabulous images.