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Animated Gifs for Teachers

I believe some people have an animated gif for all occasions. You know the ones–those people who make snarky or delightful comments with a single looping image? Thoughtful teachers sometimes use a well placed visual image in their presentations and in online interactions. I think some people collect and curate a collection of imagery to use.

I know how to make my own gifs, but often, I’m too busy to make one to use a visual comment. Usually, I just search for some that have already been made.

During one such search today on giphy, I found these fun gifs created by Wheeling University athletes. Making gifs is a great idea for any school’s students to do.

The dancing ones are my favorites:


Adobe Audition Audio Clip Stretching

I am working on a virtual choir project and one of the singers has some different timing. I was looking for a way to stretch and manipulate the speed of certain sounds in Adobe Audition. It turns out, it is a simple thing to do. This tutorial taught me how, including special configurations.

But the gist of this operation is to grab the white arrows in the upper corners and adjust the clip as needed.

Vinylcasting Elvis on DS106Radio & TV

This morning I listened to Jim Groom playing a record album Galaxie 500: On Fire on DS106 TV and DS106 Radio.

When he finished his vinylcast, I jumped on and played another album, it was one of my mom’s – 1977 Elvis in Concert, which was published shortly after his passing. I also worked on my drawing while listening.

Something is wrong with my Ladiocast setup, so Jim Groom hooked me up with a DS106 Radio cross broadcast.