The Art of Dr. Bill Genereux

I attended a workshop in Wisconsin in November called Writing the Unthinkable with Lynda Barry, and I have been busily making art ever since. Ms. Barry won the Macarthur Genius Award last year and the class held in her hometown was the first workshop she held after that award was announced.
I became a fan of Lynda Barry after discovering her graphic book “Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor.” ( Since I consider myself to be an accidental professor as well, I knew I had to take her class if the opportunity arose. It worked out that I was able to attend and to meet her right before the Thanksgiving holiday.

See more of my drawing and cartooning work here:
I was working on a series related to my experience in Operation Desert Storm this spring, but that was derailed with the closing of the K-State Polytechnic campus and moving our classes online. However, I still try to work at some art-making amid all of this craziness. I would like to resume work on the Desert Shield/Desert Storm project as the 30th anniversary is approaching later this year.
I am indebted to Lynda Barry for reigniting the spark originally lit by Mr. Brad Anderson, now the Executive Director of Salina Arts & Humanities. Both of these art teachers of mine emphasized the value of practice and hard work. Lynda Barry recommends filling a new composition book with writing and art every month and so far I am on track for keeping that pace up. I hope to continue making art as much as I can.

Dr. Bill Genereux is a professor of computer and digital media technology at Kansas State University Polytechnic currently working and teaching from his home in Clyde, Kansas. He is a 1999 graduate of Kansas Wesleyan University, Salina.