Star Wars Uncut: Empire Strikes Back

Around three years ago, my digital media students and I worked on scenes from Star Wars Uncut : Empire Strikes Back edition. I submitted a couple of scenes for consideration, and one with my son Thomas was accepted. You can see him eating ribs at around the 9:46 minute mark. I’m still waiting to learn if any of my students’ work was accepted.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Uncut: Empire Strikes Back

  1. Bill,
    I think this was a great uncut movie that you did on “Stars Wars”. I did not know that the movie could be so interesting and unique. That was cute how your son was biting into that rib like that, I enjoyed watching the film and learning from it.

  2. Hi Bill! This is Brittney Henderson from the University of South Alabama! I have to admit I am not a big Star Wars fan but, I really enjoyed this video! You and your students did a awesome job with the animations of this video! I love how to use different surroundings to reenact the same parts of the video! Your son eating the rib is adorable!!!

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