Amazing Valentines

Homemade Valentines Treats

These amazing Valentines were made by the wife of my Facebook friend Justin McClure. Justin owns a digital media company so it’s not surprising to me at all that his kids would have such amazing Valentine’s Day goodies at school.

Wouldn’t this make a fun school project where the kids have props and wacky poses and design their own treats to share? Although I suppose some of the fun is the surprise and amazement that happens when you receive a great treat like this from the other kids. It makes the store-bought treats and greetings pale in comparison.

2 thoughts on “Amazing Valentines

  1. I think that these valentines are absolutely adorable. I love that the students are able to take part in creating the valentines as well as sharing with other. This is a great valentine craft for an elementary classroom!

  2. I think those would be awesome Valentine’s Day projects for classrooms. This reminds me of when I was in first or second grade and Valentine’s Day was basically a free day to make cards and get candy all day! If the card I got looked like this then I probably would of kept them after all these years.

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