First Day Thoughts

Tomorrow is the first day of school. It can be an awesome, but for me it is sometimes a stressful day. I have often read the online posts of teacher friends and colleagues writing about the excitement they feel in preparing for a new year of classes. The planning, the preparations, arranging the room, even the  smell of new school supplies gives them great joy.

What really interests me is meeting the students. That’s what I love most about my job – working with people, helping them to grow and improve themselves. But this is a bit of a paradox, because I can tend to be sort of introverted. Isn’t that strange? I love people, but first encounters can be awkward. It takes me longer than I think it should to learn names, and even after I’ve learned names, I’m still nervous about calling someone by the wrong name (it happens more than I care to think about.) It is frustrating, but I do my best.

This year, I plan to work harder at connecting better with my students. I think sometimes I project a withdrawn, uncaring image but it is mostly just my inner introvert taking over. (Also, I’ve been highly distracted the past several years, and a big part of that is now resolved and out of my life, thanks to a successful Ph.D. defense!)

I’m envious of those who don’t have any  issues of connection and rapport, but I’m still willing to work on and improve in this area. I’d be really curious to hear from teachers who have struggled and made improvements in this area.

Welcome back to school everyone!