3-D Jack-o-Lantern

3D printed jack-o-lantern
3D printed jack-o-lantern

Here is a cool project we did last Halloween in my Visual Literacy class.  My student created a pattern in Adobe Illustrator from an image “Soul Eater Moon” which evidently comes from the Soul Eater manga. I’m not “with it” enough to be familiar with Soul Eater, but here is a photo of the scene that was used.

Here is the vector drawing that was created to use as a pattern.


Here is what the finished pumpkin looked like. The open areas provide the brightest light. The shaved away areas allow some light to be seen for a mid-value. The skin areas are opaque, so those areas remain dark.

Finished Pumpkin

Here is what the finished pumpkin looked like when lit up.

We took things another step forward and scanned the pumpkin using the handheld 3D scanner that the Mechanical Engineering Technology folks at K-State Polytechnic recently acquired. The scanner creates a model that can be used for 3D printing.

3D scanning a pumpkin


Here is the scanned pumpkin
Here is the creator of the pumpkin, Kyler Besher. Nice work, Kyler!

See more of our pumpkin carving work on our Flickr site.

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