How I “do” internet


Saw friend tweeting about WWII battleship Yamato
Asked about his interest in naval history.
Learned his father landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day with the “29th”
Replied that he must be proud of his father
Googled “29th”
Read some 29th history on Wikipedia.
Saw it had a unit landing with 1st infantry division on d-day
Remembered 1st is based at Fort Riley, KS
Wondered why 1st Infantry Division was not hyperlinked in Wikipedia article I was reading
Decided to create hyperlink
Clicked edit on Wikipedia page
Saw the non-HTML wiki style code.
Googled how to make links on Wikipedia
Found tutorial that showed how
Remembered that Wikipedia edits are more likely to stick if I login
Tried logging in to Wikipedia but couldn’t remember password
Requested password reset
Password didn’t arrive in regular email, so I checked special spam email account
Reset Wikipedia password
Made Wikipedia edit
Reflected on what had happened
Wrote this