Train o’ Creativity

haunted house scene composite image with dancing pumpkin man

Yesterday’s Daily Create was pretty interesting. We started with a photograph of a silly man holding a pumpkin, then everyone added something new to the story. This assignment was basically a simplified take on the original Layers Tennis game with one person contributing a few changes to an existing image. (There is also a Layers Tennis assignment in the DS106 assignment bank.)

@dogtrax started us off with this offering:

Followed soon by

I couldn’t resist the temptation to join in the fun, so I did this revision

Then came this…

Someone suggested the pumpkin man would be a good addition, so I found a green screen version and put him right in.

Because it took me a while to add the dancing pumpkin man, a fork in the creativity happened and a new chain of events.

This one was near the end last night.

I really enjoyed seeing this one progress.