Whew, That’s a Relief!

Loosening the belt This week I was getting frustrated with my internet speed. I’ve been capturing a bunch of home videos I have recorded over the years, including many hours of footage I recorded during Operation Desert Storm.

I have been trying to upload my videos to YouTube and it was taking for-e-ver!

So I finally broke down and called up my ISP Twin Valley and inquired about the slower and slower speeds. I mean I realize that we have more than quadrupled the number of devices that are using our broadband connection and that the nature of the Internet has completely changed since I first signed up for high-speed Internet well over a decade ago, but my trusty 15Mbps down/1Mbps up connection has always served me well in the past!

As it turns out, my 15/1 plan is no longer even offered, and I’ve although I have had chances to upgrade in the past, being ever an el cheapo I cling to it like a baby to a pacifier. Desperate not to waste my entire Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday breaks tying up a computer for the whole time waiting for dreadfully slow video uploads to complete, I bit the bullet and ordered the upgrade. It’s actually only a few bucks more a month, but now we are getting a 100Mbps plan. I tested it and got about 50Mbps down and up, which seems about right because the bandwidth is shared for download & upload streams.

It feels like I’ve let the belt of our household internet pants out by two or three notches!