Split Long Audio into Shorter MP3 Files

I made some MP3 audio recordings of vinyl LP records so I can listen to them in my car. The only problem is, these recordings contain the entire side of an LP, I would like to skip to specific songs when playing them back on my car’s stereo. To do this, I needed to split the long audio file into individual song MP3 files. A quick Google search showed me how to do this in Adobe Audition.

This got the job done for me in a short amount of time, but I had to first select the song waveforms in Audacity and create a range marker for each song.

  1. Open the tab under Window-> Markers.
  2. Use the selection tool to select a song in Audition.
  3. Click the “add cue marker” icon—it looks like an elongated home plate (or use the “M” shortcut key).
  4. Name the marker (recommended option).
  5. Repeat for each song.
  6. Click the “

This is not a huge job because you can typically spot the silence between each song visually. It only took a few minutes to create the range markers for an album with 12 songs in it. The nice part about doing it this way is that you can name each range marker and use that name as the resulting MP3 file names in the export.

There is a similar process used in Audacity that I have used before as well, but I had never done this in Audition before.



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