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Doctor Songs

Earning a PhD is hard work. When I was doing mine, there were tough things, gut-wrenching things that happened. It messes with your mind. To be successful, you need to find ways to motivate yourself. One of the things I did regularly was to visualize myself in my PhD regalia and imagine using the title “Doctor.”

Another thing I did was compile a list of “Doctor” songs I would play when when I finished my dissertation. October 15, 2015 was one of the best days of my life. That was the day I received the final “thumbs up” and got to play my list. I was up very early, as was my regular routine. I checked my e-mail around 5 am. Congratulations, you are finished! I was so overwhelmed with emotion. Years of effort and sacrifice coming to a close. (Next week will be the first spring break in years, in which I will actually have a break from working on this stuff.) So at six AM I woke everyone up with the “doctor” music blaring. My wife wasn’t happy. What is this all about? Well nothing much, but I’m finished!

So that morning we listened to these songs, and I scheduled posts on Twitter & Facebook so my friends could enjoy the day with me. If you’re working on a doctorate and you need a boost, bookmark the Doctor Song Playlist, and listen along with me. Some day, you’ll have your day of celebration too!

Dr. Love – Kiss

Dr. Feelgood – Mötley Crüe

Doctorin’ The Tardis – The Timelords

Witch Doctor – David Seville

I Don’t Need No Doctor – Ray Charles

Doctor Feelgood – Aretha Franklin

Doctor, Doctor – The Who

(Doctor, Doctor) Bad Case of Loving You – Robert Palmer

What’s up doc? – Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd

Theme from Doctor Who

Doctor – INXS

The Doctor – Doobie Brothers

Rock and Roll Doctor – Black Sabbath

Doctor Wu – Steely Dan

Dear Doctor – Rolling Stones

Dr. Jackie – Miles Davis

Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive – Men at Work

Doctor My Eyes – Jackson Brown