Clyde 150th Celebration

KSU Digital Media Students

In our first week of class, the KSU Digital Media team (KSUDigMe for short) recorded a history of Clyde, Kansas to help celebrate the sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of its founding. This coming Labor Day weekend, several thousand people from all over will attend the annual Clyde Watermelon Festival and hear this recording.

We spent over an hour taking turns reading the various nuggets of Clyde’s history. Then I spent the weekend editing the recordings down into a half hour recording using Adobe Audition. I also added some instrumental background music I found online. What a great way to start a semester!

Here is the track that is currently playing in downtown Clyde:

We received the following message from the Clyde 150th celebration planning committee:

Thank you so much to all of you involved in our recording of business histories for Clyde’s 150th Birthday!  We are seeing people randomly sitting on our city benches just listening to your recording!  They are enjoying it very much.  We also invite any of you who would like to join us for our celebration
to come to Clyde, Kansas this week and weekend!  It would be wonderful to meet you in person, but if we don’t, you have touched our community with your voices!

Thanks again.

Brenda Koch and the 150th Planning Committee