C-64 8 Bit Graphics

I was perusing through past “Daily Create” exercises that I missed this summer, and one that caught my eye was titled C64 Yourself. I remember those early days of personal computers well, when if you could see a picture of any kind, you were doing well. The 64yourself website is a really fun simulation of what it was like to use a Commodore 64. computer.

I uploaded a photo of my daughter Emily playing softball. I reckoned that for an 8-bit photo to work well, it shouldn’t have a lot of fine detail, and should depict a recognizable scene. That’s why I thought softball might be a good candidate. I sent her the following tweet:

When we talked about it this morning before school, she said it was ok, but she likes pictures that look more realistic. Like actual copies of reality. To me, this has a more stylized, artistic feel to it. Actual copies of reality are everywhere. What is more, this is an actual copy of the reality that was back in the 1980’s. Guess I need to send her the hi-rez version now. She wanted that one.