First Daily Create for Fall 16

I haven’t been very good about making regular blog posts for a long time. I aim to work on that this semester. We have a good bunch of students in Digital Media Technology this year. My 2nd year students are studying digital storytelling with me and the DS106 community. This semester’s theme is “This Is The Internet” and we are looking at various aspects of internet and computer history over time. And just to add to the fun, we are connecting all of this to the years ending in the number “6” as in 2016, 1996, 1966 and so on. I’ve challenged students to put a “6” easter egg in their work this semester. We’ll see how that goes.

So to kick things off personally, I took a few minutes to complete today’s Daily Create exercise. Each day, a new creative exercise is posted at Today’s challenge was:

Show us in a photo something in your life, home, that moved from a state of order to disorder or the other way, from disorder to order. What is the energy state?

Others today are typically showing messes that they afterwards straightened up. I didn’t have time for that so here was my solution: