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Daily Create

Daily Create is a daily exercise in creativity. Each day, a new challenge is shared and we have 24 hours to respond. I usually ask my digital media students to complete at least 3 of these per week. Lately I have been making a few each week myself. Daily Create is a part of the DS106 Open Course on digital literacies, and it can be viewed at

Here are some of the recent Daily Creates I have made:


For this first one, I simply used a photo I had on hand from a trip to my aunt’s farm and uploaded it to the Japanese old photo generator website recommended in the assignment.

For this one, I just looked through the various safety posters the assignment mentioned and picked one out. I used Photoshop to remove the old text with the healing brush. I then picked an appropriate typeface and put in my silly admonition about how going outside can be dangerous.


For this one, I took a photograph I had of myself and my dog Daisy, and I removed the background from it using Photoshop. I normally use the pen tool to create a working path, then use the path to make a selection. I use the pen tool because it gives such fine control over the selection. I used to try to use the lasso tool and other methods, but for me the pen tool is best. In another layer, I added the Forbidden Planet scene and put it in the background.


For this one, I downloaded and printed the music staff as advised in the Daily Create assignment. I used a marker to draw dog paws on the staff. I was trying to make it look like the dog was playing Jingle Bells. I also linked to that dog barking Jingle Bells song.

Why Mom Was Right About Internet Stupidity

Today, out of curiosity I searched Google for ‘Kansas State University’ and the screencap shown below are the very first results I saw:


Unfortunately, a K-State student was recently expelled over a very distasteful post she made on Snapchat. This student had attended K-State for three years (a pre-med student), and boom, just like that she was out, three years of college and no degree. Here are some things I don’t know. I don’t know what other school will admit her and let her complete her undergrad degree. I don’t know if she has accumulated debt while in college. I don’t know what she was thinking. There are a bunch of things I don’t know about this story.

One thing I do know. I know that it is possible to earn a degree at K-State without ever taking a class in digital literacies. It is possible in the 21st century to still earn a degree without experiencing any special emphasis on the do’s and do-not’s associated with publishing digital media online. Yet every single K-State student, if they so choose, can publish something that the entire world can see in an instant, by simply pushing a button or two on a pocket-sized machine that they carry with them everywhere they go.

Yes, I will grant, that many of our courses address this topic, along with many others. Perhaps even the core courses that every undergraduate student must take such as expository writing, takes a hard look at this topic. But I find it interesting that digital literacies are not at the center of what we teach in our general education.

A class like what my second-year digital media students are doing in digital storytelling would be an ideal learning experience for all K-Staters. Not only are we looking at the how of creating media, but we also are discussing the whats and whys of digital media. I think a class like what we are doing could fit very nicely right beside the traditional writing and math classes that everyone must take to graduate.

But every curriculum is jam-packed, and many would argue there is no room for another course. But what if such a course was put in place, and we are able to reach many more students early on about the good, the bad and the ugly about online activities? Learning from a bad experience, Kansas State University could ultimately serve as an example of what can be done in the area of digital/media literacy.

Acknowlegements: The idea from this post came from today’s Daily Create activity; an assignment from our digital storytelling class using Portent’s Title Generator.


Daily Create: It’s just like riding a bicycle

This semester in my Digital Media 2 class, we are collaborating with the open course DS106 started at the University of Mary Washington. One important part of that experience is the Daily Create exercise. Each day, a new creativity assignment is posted and we are invited to respond, sharing our work online.

Today’s Daily Create was called It’s Just Like Riding A Bicycle. We were asked to post a picture of our bike, or of anything related to bicycles. Well, my bike is at home, and I’m at work, and while I found this old photo of my kid riding her bike, when she & I took a 15 mile ride over to the next town, I thought that sharing an old photo would be too easy.


So I searched for a picture of one of the most notable bicycle owners of all time, Pee Wee Herman. I found this:

Then I made a sketch in my sketchbook. I used my iPad to make a photo, and posted it on Flickr. Then I used the embed code to share it here with you for today’s Daily Create:


C-64 8 Bit Graphics

I was perusing through past “Daily Create” exercises that I missed this summer, and one that caught my eye was titled C64 Yourself. I remember those early days of personal computers well, when if you could see a picture of any kind, you were doing well. The 64yourself website is a really fun simulation of what it was like to use a Commodore 64. computer.

I uploaded a photo of my daughter Emily playing softball. I reckoned that for an 8-bit photo to work well, it shouldn’t have a lot of fine detail, and should depict a recognizable scene. That’s why I thought softball might be a good candidate. I sent her the following tweet:

When we talked about it this morning before school, she said it was ok, but she likes pictures that look more realistic. Like actual copies of reality. To me, this has a more stylized, artistic feel to it. Actual copies of reality are everywhere. What is more, this is an actual copy of the reality that was back in the 1980’s. Guess I need to send her the hi-rez version now. She wanted that one.

First Daily Create for Fall 16

I haven’t been very good about making regular blog posts for a long time. I aim to work on that this semester. We have a good bunch of students in Digital Media Technology this year. My 2nd year students are studying digital storytelling with me and the DS106 community. This semester’s theme is “This Is The Internet” and we are looking at various aspects of internet and computer history over time. And just to add to the fun, we are connecting all of this to the years ending in the number “6” as in 2016, 1996, 1966 and so on. I’ve challenged students to put a “6” easter egg in their work this semester. We’ll see how that goes.

So to kick things off personally, I took a few minutes to complete today’s Daily Create exercise. Each day, a new creative exercise is posted at Today’s challenge was:

Show us in a photo something in your life, home, that moved from a state of order to disorder or the other way, from disorder to order. What is the energy state?

Others today are typically showing messes that they afterwards straightened up. I didn’t have time for that so here was my solution: