Distance Classes for K-State Students in Arts, Humanities & DigMe

I was perusing the offerings of online classes this summer, specifically looking for things that would make good electives for students in our digital media (DigMe) degree. Since we are a small campus here at K-State Polytechnic, and have limited offerings in the arts and humanities, I often look online to see what my students can take through distance learning at K-State.

Wow, what a bunch of courses I found! There have always been a few, but I’ve never seen a list as long as this one before for digital media students to consider. I have compiled a list and am sharing it here, in case some K-State students happen to see this and are thinking about a summer distance class that involves fine arts, humanities or digital media technologies.

Social Media (taught by myself)
DIGME 406 – Class Number: 12040

Digital Photography (taught by myself)
CMST 146 – Class Number: 11479

Introduction To Cultural Anthropology (taught by my friend & mentor Mike Wesch – highly recommended!)
ANTH 200 – Class Number: 11946

Art Appreciation
ART 106 – Class Number: 12078

French Revolution 1789-1815
HIST 595 – Class Number: 11740

Introduction To Theatre
THTRE 270 – Class Number: 12024

Dance As An Art Form
DANCE 205 – Class Number: 11953

Mass Communication In Society
MC 110 – Class Number: 11918

Music Fundamentals
MUSIC 100 – Class Number: 11900

Introduction to Film Music
MUSIC 340 – Class Number: 11966

Drone Photography and Video
MC 589 – Class Number: 12109

Basics Of Digital Photography
ART 300 – Class Number: 11624

Music Listening Laboratory
MUSIC 160 – Class Number: 11910

History of Rock and Roll
MUSIC 170 – Class Number: 11939

Introduction to Music of the World
MUSIC 249 – Class Number: 11911

2 thoughts on “Distance Classes for K-State Students in Arts, Humanities & DigMe

  1. WOW! Drone photography looks really unique. I could just imagine, how interesting and creatine that class would be.
    But Mass Communication in Society looks like it would be really important for the business and/or entrepreneur aspect.
    Very interesting classes and would be glad to take them, however I’m already taking two this summer.

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