Lorde Concert

Yesterday I took my kids to see Lorde concert. Thanks Vettix for the free tickets! The whole idea behind Vettix is to give something beck to those who have served. Event tickets provide veterans and active service members an opportunity to get out and do things with family and friends. It is a kind gesture to a population known to struggle with state of mind.

This was my third concert with Vettix, and the first with my kids. My Daughter is 16 and son is 14. Emily loves Lorde. She’s a musician, so even though she’s just a kid, I do tend to respect what she thinks is good. I have heard a few Lorde songs but wasn’t well familiar with her work. I had Em give me a crash course in Lorde discography on the way to the concert in the car – thanks Spotify!

Lorde is really interesting musically. It’s not like the bubble gum pop songs of my youth. She’s no Debbie Gibson. I could tell right away that Lorde is a true artist. And my initial response to her songs was that they were very different, in a weird, poetic way. I asked Emily if she writes her own stuff but she didn’t know. But I’m thinking this stuff is so original I highly doubt she’s performing someone else’s material. I could be mistaken, but I’m fairly certain she writes all of her stuff and you have to respect a musician who does that.

When we arrived a few minutes after 7pm, the opening act was already playing. And it was a Lorde song. We’re missing it! Emily was getting upset. I was confused. I’ve never been to a concert where the headliner started at the advertised time. But it seemed to be a Lorde song and it sounded just like her! It was Tove Styrke, I think. She was almost like a Lorde impersonator. We soon figured it out and had a giggle about it.

covering my earsIntermission. And then another act took the stage. Run The Jewels. They were very loud. And foul mouthed. And brash. Made my ears hurt.  And it was so not my thing. About the only part of their performance I enjoyed was the parts of it was the oscillating sub frequencies that turned my seat into a rather effective massage chair.  Hopefully the experience will serve as a reminder to never attend another concert without a set of ear plugs. I’m getting too old for this stuff! A day later, my ears are still ringing.

Around 9 o’clock we finally get to see Lorde. Emily is out getting some dippin dots ice cream when the lights dim. Where is she!? The music starts, still no Emily. But just as her idol starts to sing, she returns with her dots of ice cream.  There were lights. And smoke. And sonic sensations. My daughter was loving it.

It was very theatrical. We stayed for the whole thing. Even the encore songs. And we slipped out ahead of the crowd since our seats were at the rear of the stadium. And our parking was nearby. And we made it back to our hotel without fighting much heavy traffic. I’m sure a few minutes delay and it would have been gridlock. It was coming in. We stopped at one parking lot and the attendant said “there’s a concert tonight?” I laughed because we thought that was why all the traffic. There’s a car show and a basketball game too.

So it was a fun trip overall, and exactly as the Vettix goals state, we had a great family experience. My daughter’s first ever concert and she was thrilled. My son’s too, but the jury is still out on that. I think he’d like to see Ted Nugent or some other classic rock band better.

A big thank you to VetTix and AEG Presents for the gift of concert tickets to Lorde: Melodrama World Tour in Kansas City, MO. I took my kids to this concert. I probably wouldn’t have picked this one myself, but my 16 year old daughter is a huge Lorde fan. (Even bigger now that she’s seen a live performance!)

VetTix has the goal of helping veterans to be involved in the community and doing fun things with family and friends. I can’t tell you how much in means to me that someone cares enough to do this for us. For me, it is a really big deal. I even wore my USS Missouri ballcap. A USS Missouri sailor attending a Missouri concert, what do you know about that?

We are from a small town in Kansas, 3 hours drive to Kansas City, so for us this concert was a big time adventure. My daughter is 16 and my son is 14 and neither have seen a big name concert like this before. It was really fun to see their eyes light up at seeing the world class performance.

Thanks so much VetTix and AEG!