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Why Computers and Networking?

I’ve spent a fair amount of time revising this Powerpoint slide show that I like to show early in my CMST 250 Hardware and Networking course. Since I’ve redesigned it for a distance learning class and I’m putting lectures in video form, I thought I would update the random bits of art in the slides and hand-make new artwork for this presentation. This video shows the results of that effort. Most, but not all of the artwork in it was recently made by yours truly.

Lines of Code That Changed Everything

How often do we think about how computer programs impact our lives? It is actually a form of media literacy to consider the biases of software engineers who write the code that we use. What do they include and exclude? Personally, I think if you’ve never written a line of computer code, you can never fully understand this digital world in which we all now exist.

This article was shared with me by colleague Dr. Ruth Mirtz. Lines of Code That Changed Everything. 

It is a descriptive list of the top computer programs of all time. From the first video game to the first e-mail program. Dive into the article to better understand computer history and the world we are now living in.