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Music to Shelter in Place By

It all started last evening. I decided to try out YouTube’s live broadcasting feature. I had not done a live broadcast before, except once with my students earlier this semester testing out some video streaming equipment. Certainly I had not performed music live. I decided to turn on the live stream and practice my uke.

An old friend, Contrajoe, showed up immediately. Now this is the Internet I know and love. Usually when I put something out into the wild blue yonder of current Internet, it is received by the sound of crickets. Contrajoe is a longtime subscriber and former heckler to my channel for more than a decade. But last evening, he was friendly, supportive, and encouraging me to do a live show about my Navy experiences. Someday I will. Someday soon.

Going online live is a simple feat. I will have to try this with my daughter, and let some people know. So we posted an invite to our social channels and texted a few family members, and Emily Fay and I went online to sing a few songs last night at 9 pm. This is what it was like:

So much fun, we will try it again!