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How to Look Good in a Video Conference

I’ll be the first to admit that my appearance is not always foremost on my mind. However, given that I do work with video a great deal in my work, whether it is myself in a video conference or recording footage of others, I do need to be aware of things one can do to look their best on film.

I found this video of tips on looking your best on video and I think it is helpful.

Audio Tweet

Why didn’t I think of this? The Audio Tweet?

I was already using the tools that Scott Lo uses to make audio tweets. It is pretty simple. Use Voice Record Pro app to record an audio message 2.5 minutes long or less. Add a catchy graphic and background music. Save the recording as a video to the camera roll (photos) on the iPad. Post the video to Twitter. Call it an Audio Tweet. So simple!

The one missing piece for me was adding in the desired graphic. I did not realize how simply done this is. I have made videos out of the audio recordings and posted them to YouTube. Below are a couple of such videos I have made. But I used default graphics, not realizing how you can “roll” your own graphic such as Scott Lo did in his tweet.



The latest addition to my array of software is Ladiocast, which I installed on the iMac this morning. I had already installed iShowU Audio Capture from another project I’ve worked on – setting up OBS.

I also set up an iPad with the Pocket Streamer app and it works great!

These tools should allow me to stream audio from my iMac to the server for the DS106 Radio Show. I referred once again to CogDog’s Rube Goldberg Machine documentation for settings on connecting to that server.

Next on my list of things to master is building an Icecast server of my own to experiment with. That might be taking things a little too far since is a perfectly functional server. My only thought on that is if I want to experiment, sometimes I have to wait my turn because so many broadcasters have returned to using it during the Covid-19 pandemic.